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Monthly Threat Report

Report: NTT Security Monthly Threat Report – May 2017

WannaCry was, and is, big news. The NTT Security Monthly Threat Report for May 2017 provides practical details relating to the attack, as well as technical analysis of the underlying SMB vulnerabilities. For a detailed description of WannaCry, both from a technical perspective, as well as a practical one, get this month's threat report. Download the report.

SERT Q4 2016

Ransomware: the threat to business

Most organizations will be aware of ransomware – the increasingly common practice whereby an attacker uses malware to prevent users from accessing their systems or by locking users' files until a ransom is paid. Read More

SERT Q4 2016

Report: 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report

This year's report highlights the latest ransomware, phishing and DDoS attack trends and demonstrates the impact of today's threats against global organizations. Download the report.

SERT Q4 2016

Report: Q4 2016 Threat Intelligence Report

This quarter’s report contains observations and analysis of attack types and sources as well as research regarding global threat visibility; the evolution in Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) “false flagging” attacks; evolving cyber forensics; retail industry best security practices and the rise of state sponsored attacks. Learn more. Download the SERT Q4 '16 report.


Report: 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Report

Disrupt Attacks Often. Disrupt Attacks Early. This year’s GTIR provides actionable intelligence, guidance about what attackers are doing and comprehensive security controls designed to disrupt attacks. GTIR Report

Risk:Value Report

Security breaches: what’s the real cost to your business?

High profile attacks in 2015 show companies understand the dangers of poor security. But the Risk:Value 2016 report indicates that organizations are still not doing enough to protect themselves. Risk:Value Report 2016

Complexity Thought Leadership

Avoid the security gold rush and focus on what’s important

IT management has never been more complex. New technologies, new ways of working, and growing volumes of data are putting increasing pressure on IT departments. And with security threats continuing to mount, CISOs must continue to invest in core safeguards to protect key assets. Read More


Are internal contractors your weakest security link?

The freelancer economy is on the rise and the world of work will look very different in just a few years, presenting an information security challenge for organizations globally. So where does that leave employers? Contractor Security


If a DDoS attack occurs, what is the cost to your business?

DDoS is not a new problem, but new forms of this type of attack are constantly evolving. What are the implications for existing information security architectures and controls? What should organizations do to ensure that investment in DDoS protection and response evolves ahead of the threat? Read More

Skill Shortage

The growing skills gap in IT Security

There's a growing skills gap in IT security skills. So what are your options? Is it really an option to do nothing at all? Read More


Making cloud work for business

Business wants the benefits that cloud can deliver. What steps can your organization take to make cloud work, while managing the risk and avoiding additional complexity and cost? Read More

Cyber Insurance

Cybercrime - do you have it covered?

Cyber insurance is a minefield of ambiguity. Understanding your risk exposure is key to convincing insurers that you are taking cybersecurity seriously. Read More


What is the cost of ignoring malware?

Malware continues to be a major problem for business. But paying attention to the basics can help protect your organization from damaging attacks. Read More


Unlock the power of data centre virtualization with micro-segmentation

Virtualized environments help organizations to increase efficiency, flexibility and scalability. How does micro-segmentation create intelligence and context, enhancing organizations’ detection and protection capabilities? Read More

Internet of Things

Are you ready for the Internet of Things?

By 2020 there will be 32 billion connected devices. Is your business ready to securely embrace the opportunities of the Internet of Things?

Shadow IT

Shining a light into Shadow IT

Powerful and easy-to-acquire tools and technologies have ushered in an era of business self-sufficiency.  We need to take control of risk and compliance without impairing this enterprise entrepreneurial spirit.