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Education and Awareness

Even the best policies and technical controls can be rendered ineffective by one careless or ill-informed act by an employee. Security is not the sole responsibility of IT, Human Resources or Facilities Management. Comprehensive and effective information security requires the involvement of everyone in the organization.

We provide assistance with the development of a comprehensive security awareness program to educate either a part of or the entire organization.

Our security awareness training offers:

  • Improved internal security awareness through a range of techniques
  • Seminars, literature, and intranet-based learning applications
  • Broad range of training topics
  • Flexible delivery, class size, and formats to suit your business
  • Multi-lingual programs for multinational companies

Supplemental preparatory services are available to ensure you have the foundation in place to respond to an incident:

Supplemental advanced services provide opportunities to address unique aspects of your business, environment, or staff:

  • Customized educational materials for your organization

Supplemental integration services provide assistance with execution of security awareness training:

  • Education Project Management
  • Executive Progress and Status Briefings

Threat Mitigation and Remediation Strategy