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Targeted Threat Intelligence

It's often the case that more information results in more work for your staff.  Threat intelligence, while providing valuable insight, can also contain information that isn't relevant, or worse, misses threats directed at your organization.

Our threat advisors work with you to understand all aspects of your organization – resulting in targeted threat intelligence for your industry, market, business model, locations and executives delivered in a manner that allows you to act on it efficiently.

Using our trained and certified threat advisors, we can provide:

  • Comprehensive client-specific view of threats
  • View of existing target profile and exposed data
  • Actionable intelligence specific to the organization
  • IP reputation monitoring
  • Multiple service tiers
  • Dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM)

Supplemental preparatory services are available to ensure your targeted threat intelligence is actionable:

Supplemental advanced services provide additional value outside of the core targeted threat intelligence service:

Supplemental integration services assist with providing an integrated security dashboard and communicating the effectiveness of your security and compliance programs to organizational stakeholders:

  • Custom report development
  • Quarterly threat and incident reviews and planning
  • Semi-annual executive business reviews and threat briefings