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Mobile Solutions

With the proliferation of consumer devices and their increased use in business your organization needs to have a strategy, policies, and controls that can reduce the risk they introduce. This will protect critical business information they may access or contain, and minimize the impact of loss.

We’ll architect, deploy, manage, and operate the right combination of policies and controls to enable your organization to realize the benefits of a mobile digital workforce. And we'll protect your critical business systems and information against the risks and threats they present. 

Using our cloud-based Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) platform and security experts, we can provide:

  • Support for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms
  • Secure devices as well as email, content and applications
  • Real-time updates
  • Secure BYOD
  • Monitoring of health, configuration and privileged users
  • Configuration backup and recovery
  • Dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM)

Supplemental preparatory services are available to ensure your digital workforce is secured:

Supplemental advanced services provide additional value outside of the mobile security core service:

Supplemental integration services can assist with providing an integrated security dashboard and communicating the effectiveness of your security and compliance programs to organizational stakeholders: