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Investigation and Response

Quickly identifying the scope of a security incident and preventing further spreading of the impact requires a trusted partner with specialized technical skills in incident response, log analysis, malware analysis, and digital forensics.

Having a professional incident response team on retainer saves precious time during an incident, allows quick identification and containment, and preserves important forensic evidence about the attack to aid law enforcement if appropriate. 

Our Incident Investigation and Response service provides:

  • Pre-established legal and engagement agreements
  • Priority SLA for incident response
  • Remote and/or on-site incident responders
  • Advanced log and malware analysis using proprietary, purpose-built tools
  • Evidentiary grade digital forensics

Supplemental preparatory services are available to ensure you have the foundation needed to respond to an incident:

Supplemental advanced services provide additional depth of capability in investigating and responding to an incident:

Supplemental integration services provide additional assistance with your organization’s handling of the impact of an incident: