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Overcome Security Challenges Without Disrupting Business Operations

The combination of advances in enterprise technology and increasingly advanced threat environment has made it harder to protect the corporate environment. We understand the many complex security challenges that you face every day. We’re here to help you adopt a business-driven approach to cybersecurity and compliance that provides resiliency in the face of more effective malevolent threat actors.

Full Security Life Cycle

How We Do It

Enabling true security and maintaining cyber resilience is not a one-time project. By putting security and compliance into a full life cycle context, we ensure that scarce resources are effectively deployed to deliver optimal business value. At NTT Security, we’ve created a four-phase Full Security Life Cycle model to do just that. From Plan and Optimize to Architect and Deploy to Manage and Operate to Respond and Educate, we’re here when and how you need us.

Find out what the Full Security Life Cycle can do for you.

Latest Thinking

Innovation Matters

Why Innovation matters in Cybersecurity

Innovation is at the heart of the cybersecurity industry as it attempts to keep pace with those that wish to disrupt, defraud or damage organizations. But we need to be careful to ensure that we continually challenge where to invest security budget in order to reduce complexity and get the best results for our business. Why Innovation matters in Cybersecurity


Report: 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Report

Disrupt Attacks Often. Disrupt Attacks Early. This year’s GTIR provides actionable intelligence, guidance about what attackers are doing and comprehensive security controls designed to disrupt attacks. GTIR Report

Skill Shortage

The growing skills gap in IT Security

There's a growing skills gap in IT security skills. So what are your options? Is it really an option to do nothing at all?