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Phase 4: Respond and Educate

Planning for a security incident can significantly reduce the impact and shorten the time frame of an attack. With phase 4 of our Full Security Life Cycle, we assess your existing security and compliance programs and the effectiveness of individual controls. We'll ensure that you can identify opportunities to supplement missing or misleading information so that staff can respond in most suitable way. 

At NTT Security, we have incident response capabilities and a team standing by to help you. If you are experiencing a security incident and need immediate assistance, contact us.

Cyber resilience is based on the premise that incident avoidance, while highly desirable, is not always possible. In the event of your organization experiencing a security incident, prior planning can significantly reduce the impact and dramatically shorten the remediation time frame.

According to our own research, three out of four organizations lack a formal incident response plan and of those that have a plan, many have never been tested, are out of date, or rely on untrained staff.

Comprehensive and effective information security requires the involvement of everyone in the organization – it’s not the sole responsibility of the security team, IT Department or Facilities Management. Even the best policies and technical controls can be rendered ineffective by one careless or ill-informed act by an employee.  Careful planning and a structured approach to education ensure the correct messages are conveyed to the right people.

Using the Full Security Life Cycle approach, we can help you assess your existing security and compliance programs and the maturity of individual controls to identify opportunities to supplement missing or misleading information. In the event of an incident, responders will have better information to work with and your staff will understand their roles and responsibilities.

Should the worst occur, our incident response team can be quickly engaged remotely or on-site. Our experts at incident management, investigation, and containment can leverage the considerable resources of the NTT Security SERT (Security and Engineering Research Team) and our R&D capabilities.

We have the incident response expertise to identify, document, contain, and remediate a security incident to minimize the impact to your organization. Work with us to ensure you will be ready and able to effectively respond to a security incident today.