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NTT Security does not believe that one size fits all, but that your situation is unique. Your business goals and objectives, your risk tolerance and compliance burdens are specific to your organization. Demands for faster and easier sharing of information, the need to utilize new technologies to access markets in new ways, and the breadth of regulations require solid underlying programs and the ability to adopt, extend and optimize security, risk and compliance controls.

Full Security Life Cycle Model

NTT Security has created a Full Security Life Cycle model based on many years of providing efficient and effective security, risk and compliance services to organizations around the world. 

Modern organizations have very complex Information and Communications Technology (ICT) environments with multiple ICT stacks, shadow cloud initiatives, and the competing demands of innovation and reliability. Getting a handle on all the information produced by these platforms, systems, and devices and turning it into insights and actionable metrics doesn’t come out of the box. NTT Security provides the know-how and experience to plan for and optimize the architecture and deployment of services, ensure that they are managed and operated to deliver the key information needed, and are integrated into an overall response plan to make the results actionable.

Using the Full Security Life Cycle approach, NTT Security can provide the services you need in the manner best suited to your specific situation: consulting, managed services, cloud services or a custom hybrid solution.

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